It really frosts my ass …

How fucking cute am I?

There is an individual using up oxygen on this lovely earth who has done nothing but selfishly ooze through life. We will call this person Ms. WTF.

In recent history Ms. WTF made some poor choices despite the sound advice given to her from friends, family and lawyers. But instead of taking responsibility for these poor choices, Ms. WTF expects friends and family to take care of her. Ms. WTF stops at nothing to accomplish this and often uses the weapon of guilt to benefit her needs. The guilt voyage is varied, but the theme is the same .. WOE IS FUCKING ME!

Responsibility. Take it. Don’t irritate the rest of us who make choices and live with the consequences. I don’t want to hear your sad sob story about how you have nothing when you were once advised to plan. Don’t drown me with your oceans of tears because you were too selfish to see past your own skin. Do not send me tickets for your guilt trip because I’m not getting on that train – I know you better than that.

I’ve lost respect for you Ms. WTF. A lot of respect …


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